Lonely Dog Waits for Kids to Read to Him at Library But Nobody Came


Sting is a Greyhound who has a lovely mission in life. He helps young learners who are experiencing difficulties reading. This certified therapy dog enjoys spending time at the local library in Minnesota where kids improve and further develop their skills by reading to Sting who is a great listener.

There are usually lots of kids there learning and having fun. But, this night was a bit different. Sting was eagerly waiting for the time to come for him to visit the library, but felt a bit disappointed when he stumbled upon an empty place. No single child was there to treat him with a nice bedtime story.

His dad, John Muellner could tell his dog was sad so he decided to take a photo of him and post it on Facebook asking young learners to come and cheer him up. Although he hoped some children will appear at the library, he certainly didn’t expect for the post to reach so many people. 

Believe it or not, the photo of Sting has been shared more than 100,000 times. And as you may assume, the place was filled with lovely students ready to read interesting stories.

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