Human Puts Shoes on The Floor In Front of This Pup. The Dog Proceeds To Do a Hysterical Shuffle.


Dogs are one of the most intelligent animals. Actually, it is scientifically proven they have a mental capacity of a two year old. They easily learn knew tricks and that’s why they can be part of the military, as well as working as service dogs. Although both these jobs require lots of training and practice, dogs have the ability to acquire new tricks and become very good at what they are trained to do.

The next page video is another proof that dogs are awesome learners. They do make us laugh along the way, just like this boxer named Watson who knows a brilliant trick. Seeing him rocking his skills is pretty awesome. And although his talent may seem nonsense to many, we believe it’s very cool because we don’t get to see it every day.

His mommy casually puts a pair of Crocs in front of him, and what he does next is sort of adorable. Watson puts them on and walks across the room wearing them. He’s walking slowly, making sure he won’t lose them along the way…


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